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Apply for a resource consent

Use this form if you are applying for a:

  • land use resource consent
  • subdivision resource consent
  • streamworks (working within streams) consent
  • coastal permit
  • discharge permit
  • water permit.

Select all the options necessary to cover your proposal.

If you are applying for tree work only, use the Apply for resource consent - tree works application form.

All resource consents are subject to specific conditions. We will endeavour to seek your agreement to our conditions before approving your consent.

You will need to pay a deposit when submitting this application, unless you are an approved credit customer. You can pay by either Account2Account or credit card (1.75 per cent convenience fee applies).

Guidelines for consent applications

Before you apply, make sure:

  • you have the names and signatures of all trustees, if the application is in the name of a trust
  • you have a Record of Title, less than three months old (you can order one online at
  • you have an Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • documents are in PDF format, not locked or password protected
  • documents are less than 300MB and follow our file naming conventions
  • drawings are presented in landscape view.

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