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Apply for pre-application guidance

If you're planning a development, subdivision or building that may need consents or permits, we recommend talking to us before submitting your application. Use this form to talk to us before submitting your application. You can request guidance for any of the following areas; planning, building, licensing, discharges, recladding, certificate of acceptance, fire enginering design brief, specialist areas.  

Before you apply, please make sure:

  • you can attach documents to your request. The more information you provide allows us to give more indepth guidance on your project
  • follow our file naming conventions. File names cannot be longer than 50 characters 
  • supply documents in PDF format, not locked or password-protected and less than 300MB. Drawings must be in landscape view.

You need to pay a deposit when submitting this application, unless you are an approved credit customer. Payment options are either Account2Account or credit card. There will be a convenience fee of 1.75% for credit card payment.


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