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Apply for a Certificate of Acceptance

Use this form for building works carried out without a building consent after 1 July 1992. 

A Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) provides assurance that building works undertaken without a consent comply with New Zealand Building Regulations 1992 (Building Code).

If your work is urgent:

  • contact us on 09 301 0101 to obtain approval prior to commencing any work (approval should be sought from General Manager Building Consents)
  • email us at, attaching your supporting documents.

We will respond within 24 hours.

You will need to pay a deposit when submitting this application, unless you are an approved credit customer. You can pay by either Account2Account or credit card (1.75 per cent convenience fee applies).

Guidelines for consent applications

To avoid processing delays and additional costs, make sure:

  • all required information supplied is complete
  • documents are provided in PDF format, not locked or password protected
  • documents are less than 300MB and follow our file naming conventions 
  • drawings are presented in landscape view
  • you have the owner’s written approval to act on their behalf (if applicable)
  • you have evidence of ownership - a Certificate of Title (CT) that is less than three months old, a lease agreement, a sale and purchase agreement, or another suitable document (you can request a CT from us for a fee) or you can order one online at
  • you have evidence of when and what work was carried out such as photographs, receipts, invoices and certificates from personnel who carried out the work.

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