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Apply to amend a compliance schedule

A compliance schedule is a document issued to a public or commercial building if it contains any specified systems.

Use this form if you have noticed that there are changes that need to be applied to your compliance schedule. This could mean where systems have been:

  • added
  • removed or altered.

Note: This form should only be used in situations where items have been changed that are historic. Any proposed changes to specified systems should be made through a Building Consent Application. 

You need to pay a deposit when you submit this application, unless you are an approved credit customer. Payment options include credit or debit card, Online EFTPOS, or Account2Account. A card payment fee of 1.75 per cent will apply for credit or debit card payments.


Guidelines for consent applications


Before you apply make sure:

  • all required information supplied is complete
  • documents are in PDF format, not locked or password-protected
  • documents are less than 300MB and follow our file naming conventions
  • drawings are presented in landscape view
  • you have the owner's written approval to act on their behalf (if applicable)
  • you have body corporate agreement to apply (if applicable)
  • you provide a copy of the existing compliance schedule.

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