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Panonihia te mana rangatira ki tō kurī

Change your dog's ownership details

Use this form to change the ownership of a registered dog. The new or previous owner can complete this form, however we recommend the new owner do this as it will be faster.

Both parties have to agree to the transfer before ownership can be confirmed. We will email the new and previous customer with instructions on this.

Any outstanding dog registration fees for the current registration year must be paid.

The previous owner can pay this by completing the renew your dog registration form. It will be the new owners responsibility once ownership has been transferred.

You should know

Before you start

You will need to provide different information depending on if you are the new or previous owner.

New owner:

  • dog's tag number or reference number
  • Responsible Dog Owner Licence number if you have one
  • a copy of your Community Services Combo card if you have one
  • previous owner's full legal name.

Previous owner:

  • dog's tag number or reference number if you are not logged in to myAUCKLAND
  • new owners name, email address and contact phone number.

You can also login or register to manage your dog's information.

Your privacy

We will use your personal information to authenticate you and to allow you to complete changes online. We will share your information with a third party only if we are required to by any laws or regulations. This includes meeting our obligations under the Dog Control Act 1996. We may also use your information for business purposes including sending renewal correspondence. See our customer privacy statement for further information.

It will take about five to ten minutes to complete this form.

10 minutes estimated time to complete this form.

Manage your dog's information in myAUCKLAND

We provide a secure online service to make it easier for you to manage your dogs.
You can login or register for an online account to update your dog's information and renew registration.

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